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Stressed, Anxious, Tired?

Effets du rire - Dispositif ALOL

But where do the benefits of laughter come from?


Neurophysiological studies have shown that laughter directly triggers the secretion of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin.

However, it is these hormones that act directly on mood, the regulation of stress, sleep or anxiety.

In addition, a study presented in 2023 at the Annual Meeting of the European Society of Cardiology also showed the impact of therapeutic laughter on the increase in the functional capacity of the cardiovascular system.

Efficacy validated by two randomized French clinical studies

Non-drug therapy (INM)

The ALOL© device© is part of a precise care protocol.

With 3 uses per day: upon waking up, at midday and when falling asleep. To tune into the low frequencies of the autonomic nervous system.

Without risk of side effects or iatrogenic.

The first therapeutic laughter device

with benefits validated by two clinical studies.

The ALOL© Device allows you to benefit from the recognized benefits of therapeutic laughter thanks to a scientifically calibrated device.

The laugh, always recognized
for its therapeutic virtues...


In Ancient Greece, from Hippocrate's time (the Father of Modern Medicine), hospitals were built around amphitheaters to help patients benefit from the virtues of laughter.

In recent years, numerous international scientific studies have proven the therapeutic benefits of laughter: cardiovascular health, reduction of stress, anxiety, etc.

“Laughter is a tranquilizer without side effects. »

Arnold H. Glasgow

How it works ?

The principle is simple. The Device includes a button that triggers laughter.

But not just any laughter.

A 66-second communicative laugh whose frequency, duration and contagiousness have been scientifically calibrated to create a neurophysiological reflex biologically releasing serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin in the person who listens to it for 66 seconds.

Even after hundreds of uses.

Our brain does not differentiate from a biological point of view between the perception of reality and imagination. (As is the case with hypnosis, for example.)

Well, as far as laughter is concerned, whether it is Spontaneous or CAUSED, from a Biological point of view it is EXACTLY the same thing: release of Endorphins such as Dopamine, Serotonin, and Oxytocin!

The same ones who intervene during the benefits of physical and sporting activities elsewhere! 

Here's what the press says
about the ALOL© Device

€19.90 – Delivery included (7 days average delivery time) 

The problem is that
not all laughter is equal.

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