Thanks to the ALOL© Device:

Everyone can now benefit

recognized benefits of Gelotherapy

Medical and scientific innovation, theALOL© device© is the first autonomous device with clinically validated effectiveness – which makes the beneficial effects of Gelotherapy available to all.

Gelotherapy : the laughter therapy.

Gelotherapy (from the Greek “Gelos”, which means laugh), refers to laughter therapy. It’s the science of laughter applied to health. It is a therapeutic approach that uses laughter as a tool to improve mental and physical health.

It is often used alongside other treatments for disorders such as anxiety, depression and stress.

Gelotherapy is a natural way to combat daily stress. It is also a recommended approach for hospitalized patients or seniors in EHPADs.

Gelotherapy : a proven impact on reducing stress and anxiety

Recent neuroscience studies have confirmed that laughter triggers biochemical reactions in the body, leading to reduced stress, improved mood and increased emotional resilience.

Concretely, laughter stimulates the release of endorphins (the hormones of well-being) and reduces levels of cortisol – the hormone linked to stress.

Other studies have observed improved immune function and lower blood pressure in participants who regularly practice laughter therapy.

Daily laughter also helps fend off Alzheimer's disease 16% in men, 22% in women (thanks to neuronal plasticity).

Gelotherapy : a therapeutic approach in full development

Today, the benefits of therapeutic laughter are no longer in doubt and recognized by everyone.

Laughter yoga, laughter clowns, laughter meditation, gelotherapy sessions... alternatives are developing at great speed in recent years to allow patients to benefit from the recognized virtues of laughter.

But how to integrate Gelotherapy
in a treatment protocol?

Here is the ALOL © device

The first autonomous therapeutic laughter device

with benefits validated by two clinical studies.


€19.90 – Delivery included (7 days average delivery time)

Benefits of Gelotherapy
finally available for everyone!

True scientific and medical innovation, The ALOL© Device is the first autonomous device that makes the beneficial effects of Gelotherapy available to everyone.

Efficacy validated by two randomized French clinical studies

The ALOL© device notably reduces pain by 44%, stress by 50% and anxiety by 23%. (See full clinical study results and details.)

Here's how
the ALOL Device© works

The ALOL© device© includes a button that triggers a laugh.

But not just any laughter.

A 66-second communicative laugh whose frequency, duration and contagiousness have been scientifically calibrated to create a neurophysiological reflex – biologically releasing serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin in the person listening to it for 66 seconds.

Even after hundreds of uses.

A treatment protocol
which guarantees its effectiveness

The ALOL© device© is part of a precise care protocol.

With 3 uses per day: upon waking up, at midday and when falling asleep. To tune into the low frequencies of the autonomic nervous system.

A treatment protocol, without risk of side effects or iatrogenic.

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