Health professionals :

ALOL© device

The new integrative health supplement

ideal for your patients... and simple to set up

The recognized anti-depressant effect of ALOL© device helps relieve patients – without the side effects of invasive treatment.

What you need to know about the ALOL© Device...
in 120 seconds

Watch this short explanatory video to understand everything about how it works.

The challenges of Integrative Health:

Today, many practitioners are seeking to implement integrative health approaches and solutions for their patients.

Unfortunately, their large-scale deployment is often expensive or complex.

With the ALOL© device :

Gelotherapy becomes autonomous

and simple to implement in Integrative Health!

What is Gelotherapy?

Gelotherapy (for "Gelos", the Greek god of laughter), it’s laughter therapy. The science of laughter applied to health.

Laughter has always been recognized for its therapeutic benefits.

In Ancient Greece, at the time of Hippocrates, Hospitals were built around amphitheaters to allow patients to benefit from the virtues of laughter.

In recent years, numerous international scientific studies have proven the therapeutic benefits of laughter : cardiovascular health, reduction of stress and anxiety, Alzheimer’s…

Also recognized by numerous institutions: League against Cancer, etc.

Laughter, an endorphin releaser:

In recent years, new studies in neuroscience have shown that laughter directly triggers the secretion of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin.

However, it is these hormones that act directly on mood, the regulation of stress, sleep or anxiety. (Serotonin is already widely used in the treatment of depression, present in serotonergic antidepressants.)

Today, therapeutic laughter stands out as a unique new integrative health supplement.

The ALOL© device
The first autonomous therapeutic laughter device

The ALOL Device is the first device that allows the patient to benefit from the effects of Gelotherapy in complete autonomy… and at little cost!

Without risk of side effects or iatrogenic.


How it works ?

The principle is simple. The Device includes a button that triggers laughter.

But not just any laughter.

A 66-second communicative laugh whose frequency, duration and contagiousness have been scientifically calibrated to create a neurophysiological reflex – biologically releasing serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin in the person listening to it for 66 seconds.

Even after hundreds of uses.

A precise treatment protocol...

With 3 uses per day:

  • Waking up: Low Frequency Brain Waves [Theta]
  • Lunch: before lunch.
  • When falling asleep: Low Frequency brain waves [Theta]

To tune into the low frequencies of the autonomic nervous system [5/4 Hz].

For clinically validated effectiveness
by 2 randomized French studies

Clinical Results: After 4 weeks of use, at 3 Pressures / Day (m/m/s), the Amplitude of the results thanks to the “ALOL©  Device© » versus control group.

Studies carried out at C.H.E. of Nice (06) by Professor René Jean Bensadoun (Radiotherapist Oncologist) and at the Cliniques de Flandres (59) (ELSAN Group) by Dr. Jean Philippe Wagner (Oncologist Chemotherapist)

A presentation to
World Congress of Integrative Health

Le Dispositif ALOL au Congrès Mondial de Médecine et Santé Intégrative de Rome

The ALOL© device© a recently been recognized and presented at the World Congress of Integrative Medicine and Health in Rome, in September 2023.

More than 800 international scientists and doctors were present from more than 50 countries represented, serving global patient care!

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