ALOL© device:

An integrative health system with validated effectiveness

by two French clinical studies

“These results confirm the very significant beneficial effect of this type of complementary intervention in the quality of life of the patient during anti-cancer treatment."
Professor René Jean Bensadoun
Oncologist & Head of the Nice CHE

Here are the details of these 2 clinical studies...

Since its creation, the ALOL© Devicehas constantly been part of a leading scientific and medical approach.

This is evidenced by the completion of two French randomized clinical studies which validated its effectiveness on numerous items.

Clinical Results: After 4 weeks of use, at 3 Pressures / Day (m/m/s), the Amplitude of the results thanks to the “ALOL©  Device» » versus control group.

... carried out in two specialized establishments

At the CHE of Nice (06) by the Professor René Jean Bensadoun, President WALT, Member AFSOS


At the Clinique de Flandre (59) by the Doctor Jean Philippe Wagner, Integrative Medicine/PBM/S.O.S Expert .


Details of the clinical study carried out

At the Clinique de Flandre

Details of the clinical study carried out

At CHE of Nice

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